• Lorna

SIBO-Friendly Chicken Broth

Here's a great companion to our Feel-Good Chicken Soup featured in our healthy recipe video series. You can use the below recipe as a delicious, easy chicken stock whenever it's needed (freeze it!) or as a substitute for the recipe in the video, if you're unable to have some of the ingredients due to your diet.


1 chicken frame

2 chicken breasts

2 onions

4 carrots

4 sticks celery

Black peppercorns

Bay leaves

Herbs -

Thyme, parsley


Place chicken frame in pot with quartered onions, and roughly chopped veggies. Cover with water, add black peppercorns, bay leaves and herbs, and simmer on top of the stove for 3-4 hours. Cool.

When cooled, strain over a bowl, and discard solids.

Return broth to the saucepan and add carrots celery herbs and chopped chicken. Simmer again until chicken is cooked through. Season to taste.

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