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A story. We all have one, and this is mine. 

My journey to wellness was not an easy one, but one I’m happy to share; not only to introduce myself to you, but to inspire you to health and wellness; because trust me, if I can do this, anyone can. 

Following 20 years of chronic ill health, I had no answers and was at my wit’s end. Following a diagnosis of severe Endometriosis in my late twenties, multiple surgeries, then IVF, and a radical hysterectomy six months after the birth of my son, as a 31-year-old. Chronic illness ensued visits to every kind of specialist, resulting in many surgeries and frequent visits and stays in hospital.


I was on upwards of seven pharmaceutical drugs daily, all doing detrimental damage to my overall health and impacting not just me, but my family as well. I was at the end of my rope and I decided I needed to take control of my health and wellbeing.


I started on a long journey to wellness: a consultation with a Naturopath quite literally changed my life. Following an initial blood test, the Naturopath suggested that I may be Coeliac; I was tested by a specialist and low and behold, I tested positive and this condition was probably a major contributing factor to my constant state of illness for the past 20 years. 


No medical practitioner ever thought to test for this condition. Why not is anybody’s guess.


Prior to be diagnoses with Endometriosis I was 48kg ringing wet. At my heaviest I was 84kg and had held this weight for 20 years. My integrated medical specialist detoxed by body from sugar and drugs for twelve long months. With me desperately begging her to go on a diet, she advised I was not ready — I needed to prepare my body as I would go on one diet to remove the weight and that would be the last one.  


And she was correct, I lost 30 kilograms. Seven years later I am still 30 kilograms lighter. 


I changed my life for the better, but I had to. If nothing changes - nothing changes — small changes every day add up to a lifelong change.


From the moment I commenced this wellness journey my life changed, and I mean every aspect of my life changed: my energy levels increased dramatically within two weeks and therefore I  had the energy to commence walking and exercising which increased my feeling of wellbeing and consequently, my mood increased. My brain became less foggy and more focused every single day. 


Once the fog lifted in my head, I realised I needed to know why did Naturopathy work when conventional medicine failed me? 


This started my own seven year journey studying a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Naturopathy. 

And now I am so pleased to say I have completed my studies with Distinctions and am so eager to share my knowledge and passion with you in order to help you achieve your health dreams.


You'll meet my two dogs: Teddi and Rascal. Teddi is my therapy dog; she'll ensure you enjoy your visit. Rascal is my naughty little puppy who has taught me more patience and endurance — they are both Poodle varieties, hypoallergenic and very friendly and loving. 


Together we will help you on your path to wellness, one small step at a time.