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A story. We all have one, and this is mine. 

My journey to wellness was not an easy one, but one I’m happy to share; not only to introduce myself to you, but to inspire you to health and wellness; because trust me, if I can do this, anyone can. 

Following 20 years of chronic ill health, I had no answers and was at my wit’s end. Following a diagnosis of severe Endometriosis in my late twenties, multiple surgeries, then IVF, and a radical hysterectomy six months after the birth of my son, as a 31-year-old. Chronic illness ensued visits to every kind of specialist, resulting in many surgeries and frequent visits and stays in hospital.

I started on a long journey to wellness: a consultation with a Naturopath quite literally changed my life.

"Lorna is an incredible practitioner. She is passionate about getting her patients back to optimum health, and truly takes the time to listen to and learn about all aspects of her patients' health history. The treatments and care she provides are highly patient centred and she will work with you every step of the way to help you reach your health goals and feel better. Lorna's commitment to her continuous learning and study shows in her wealth of knowledge about the body, nutrition, and herbal medicines. I highly recommend her as a naturopath."

- Innovative Naturopathy Client 

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In your first session, I will tailor a personal program to suit your needs and your budget, whilst acknowledging and respecting your own body's innate healing process; ut...
1 godz. 30 min






Blending modern and traditional remedies, Innovative Naturopathy is dedicated to providing holistic health care in a caring and nurturing environment, with the emphasis on educating each client to manage their personal health, in order to achieve maximum wellness.


Much more than herbs and hippies!

In the early 1800s, a system of medicine was fast evolving in Europe known as Nature’s Cure. It was founded on the belief that fresh air, clean water and nutritious food, combined with sunlight, hydrotherapy and exercise could act as an alternative system of medicine. Following the discovery that patients benefited from a combination of Nature’s Cure and Homeopathy, a new system of alternative medicine was introduced, combining the Nature from Nature’s Cure and -opathy from Homeopathy. Naturopathy was born. 

Contemporary Naturopathy combines scientific evidence-based medicine with traditional remedies to enhance and stimulate your own body’s inherent ability to heal itself. 

Naturopathy is now studied through a Bachelor of Health Science. This degree incorporates an intensive study of chemistry, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology of drugs, herbs and nutrients, psychology, nutrition and herbal medicine. This is followed by 651 hours of practical experience in a student clinic.

How do you know you are booking with a degreed qualified naturopath? Ask before you book: what are your qualifications?

Naturopathy is not a legally protected title; however, we are governed by several associations such as the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA). These associations oversee all registration and clinical practice of the industry, enabling accredited naturopaths to gain relevant insurance as well as private health care provider numbers.